Cybels Hub DR

The secure collaborative solution, cloud-based for Restricted-level distribution

Today, cybersecurity is a major concern due to the widespread use of remote work by both public and private organizations. But this restricts secure communications between entities, slowing down collaboration on sensitive projects and requiring face-to-face meetings.

This is why ERCOM has designed Cybels Hub DR, the first “Restricted Distribution” (DR) approved cloud solution for securely collaborating and exchanging sensitive data!

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Features and Security


Cybels Hub DR

Cybels Hub DR is a combination of collaborative and sovereign solutions, certified to handle information at the “Restricted Distribution” level. It includes with the Cryptobox and Citadel collaborative tools to share audio or video conferences, exchange data with your partners, at the “Restricted Distribution” level on TrustNest R-Cloud, a cloud operated and secured by Thales


Citadel Team

Citadel Team, the secure communication service offering advanced instant messaging and videoconferencing capabilities. This solution is designed to enable smooth collaboration between users, while ensuring a high level of security to exchange sensitive information. It is included in the “Restricted Distribution” Cybels Hub DR environment.



Cryptobox is the Standard-qualified and “Restricted Distribution”-approved by ANSSI (renewal in progress) collaborative and file transfer solution, ensuring a high level of security.

With our right management and information compartmentalization system, the need-to-know principle is guaranteed to be enforced within your organization.

Data is encrypted from end to end, starting on the device itself. With the two-man rule, only authorized recipients can access data.


Data Protection

Cybels Hub DR provides ironclad data protection. Data is hosted in France on the TrustNest R-Cloud, cross-referencing the SecNumCloud and IGI 901 standards.

Using Mistral encryptors, data flows between your infrastructure and the TrustNest R-Cloud are protected while maintaining optimum throughput. These encryptors, qualified by ANSSI to Standard level , have “Restricted Distribution” approval, and can also be used to protect access to the Trustnest R-Cloud.

Encryption and decryption is performed on your device. Data stored on the server is encrypted. During transfers, the communication channel between device and server uses an additional TLS encryption layer. The host has no access to either content or encryption keys.


Our Commitments

Ease of use

With Cybels Hub DR, you benefit from all the features of a consumer collaborative tool: file and screen sharing, videoconferencing, audioconferencing, group and individual chat. In addition, you can use shared workspaces, personal storage and instant messaging capabilities.

With the power and flexibility of the cloud, you can now foster hybrid work modes and easily connect with partners to work on confidential matters almost instantly.


All services are compatible with any “Restricted Distribution” approved information system.

Partners without a “Restricted Distribution”-approved IS, or partners with a “Restricted Distribution”-approved IS and urgent needs, can access the platform through another model (CryptoSaas).


We ensure your sovereignty and strategic independence, as well as the integrity and privacy of exchanged data and communications.

A shared, certified cloud to use “Restricted Distribution” data.

The service is developed by Thales security teams and hosted in Thales datacenters in France.

Compartmented networks prevent anyone else from accessing your data, and ensures data integrity and privacy for every customer.

Deployment & Administration


TrustNest R-Cloud

Cybels Hub DR is available on the TrustNest R-Cloud, the first “Restricted Distribution”-certified cloud operated and managed by Thales in France. It meets the requirements of the French Interministerial General Instruction IGI901 on the protection of systems processing “Restricted Distribution” data. It enhances collaboration by enabling the use of Cryptobox and Citadel secure SaaS solutions. You can benefit from all the advantages of a cloud service: elasticity, scalability and regular updates, while ensuring sovereignty and “Restricted Distribution” security.



For organizations without a “Restricted Distribution” approved information system, the *CryptoSaaS service gives all your employees access to Cybels Hub DR using dedicated and secure Cryptosmart devices. All devices are supplied, configured, approved and managed by ERCOM. Quickly equip your employees with nominative turnkey Samsung tablets or smartphones for easy, exclusive access to HUB DR services (closed USB and Bluetooth ports, no access to the Internet or to the company's IS: email, etc.). CryptoSaas can be used to share files on the secure “restricted Distribution” cloud, communicate “Restricted Distribution” information instantly and easily via messages, video or audio conferencing, without investing in the certification of a “Restricted Distribution” IT infrastructure


Management Console

The Cybels Hub DR management console provides audit logs to monitor access and anonymized actions. The administrator can block or even delete an account or device to prevent unwanted access. Workspace owners are able to view the latest modifications made to a file, revoke users, and revert to a previous version of a file or the entire workspace. You manage the solution’s users and configuration internally, to facilitate its use and qualification.

Video demonstration

Discover Cybels Hub DR, the first “Restricted Distribution”-certified cloud solution for secure collaboration! It offers file sharing, audio and video conferencing and messaging capabilities, as well as a user-friendly interface to foster collaboration. The goal is to make mobility and collaboration simple and accessible in a secure “Restricted Distribution” environment.


Marc Darmon, Senior Vice President DGDI Europe ,Thales

“As the threat of cyber-attacks becomes increasingly part of everyday life for businesses, organizations and their employees, the ability to protect sensitive data is more crucial than ever. Thales is a world leader in data protection and now offers its customers the first entirely made in France collaborative platform officially approved to handle restricted-level information. ”