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31 January 2022

Cybels Hub Restricted: the 1st French collaborative work platform, approved for Restricted Distribution

Why Cybels Hub Restricted ?

We launched this project in June 2020 based on feedback from the first lockdown. He showed how difficult it was to securely exchange restricted data remotely when, during that time, the risks of cyber attacks and leaks had multiplied,” says Darmon, Thales Deputy Director General in charge of communications and security activities.

During the first lockdown, companies working in restricted distribution found that internal sharing was good, but it was the nightmare to exchange information between companies. The question of the interconnection of the different networks is very complicated,” observes Romain Waller, Cybersecurity Director at Ercom.

At a time when the rise of cyber-attacks is part of the daily lives of businesses and institutions and their collaborators, ensuring the protection of sensitive data has become m

ore crucial than ever. Thales, the world leader in data protection, offers its customers the first French collaborative work platform, certified Diffusion Restreint». Marc Darmon, Deputy Director General Secure Information and Communication Systems, Thales.


To find the press release click here


Which cloud to process «Restricted Distribution» data?

None of the cloud service providers could meet the regulatory and implementation requirements to achieve the level of security required to process “Restricted Release” data. What about the SecNumCloud qualification? It’s an interesting base, but not enough in this case.

In order to process this level of data, it is also necessary to be able to meet the requirements of interdepartmental 901 training and to be able to ensure network partitioning, secure access management, and so on securing the transversal services offered by the platform.

We chose the Thales TrustNest Restricted Platform: it is the first and only «private cloud» platform in France approved for the use of «Restricted Distribution» data.


How can I access such a cloud?

The requirements for the cloud and its services also refer to users and connection to Cybels Hub Restricted.

Users will also have to work in a “Restricted Distribution” environment, otherwise they will not have the right to access it.

Similarly, a simple HTTPS or TLS connection as would be proposed by lay people is not enough. Here too, a much higher level of security must be achieved and the interconnection between the user information system and the Cybels Hub Restricted must be certified.

If users do not have a certified or homologable "Restricted Distribution" information system, they cannot log in unless they choose the Cryptosmart option. In this case, users will be able to exchange and work with Cybels Hub Restricted users via Samsung devices protected by Cryptosmart


What is Cybels Hub Restricted?

Cybels Hub Restricted is a comprehensive service for collaborative work. Citadel Team provides messaging, audio and video conferencing and Cryptobox, the aspect of collaboration and sharing around files.

The Cybels Hub Restricted offers global access to enjoy all the features of these two services.

In option, as described above, some users will be able to use Cryptosmart to access the services.


What is “Restricted Distribution”?

“Restricted Release” is not a classification level but a protective statement. Its main objective is to make the user aware of the necessary discretion he must exercise in the handling of the information covered by this mention».

The application of this statement relates to the need to avoid the disclosure, in the public domain, of information the grouping or exploitation of which could:

• Lead to the discovery of classified information

• Endanger public safety or order

• Prejudice the economic or financial interests of private companies or public institutions

Companies, such as IVOs for example, process highly confidential data, some of which have received the restricted designation. The question then arises of their sharing.

Restricted distribution, which implies confidentiality in the exchange of information without being classified as Secret Defense. To this type of data, an IS architecture is imposed by ANSSI as shown in the recently updated guide on «recommendations for architectures systems of sensitive information or restricted dissemination».


Who is this offer for?

From large French or European programmes, to small or medium-sized enterprises in France, to state entities such as the Ministry of Armed Forces or operators of vital interest (IOVs), which includes some 200 companies in the transport sector, energy and nuclear, as well as any company operating in a sensitive field, this trusted service meets their need to protect their sensitive data.

In France, 30% of the information exchanged is restricted.


How can I access this platform?

The offer is accessible via a subscription. To get closer to your usual contacts or send your request here

When will Cybels Hub Restricted be available?

The Cybels Hub Restricted is available today !