The secure file-sharing and collaboration solution

Cryptobox is the ANSSI*-approved collaboration and file transfer solution with end-to-end encryption, available in any environment: Cloud, SecNumCloud 3.2, On Premise or Hybrid. Your documents can be securely accessed from your PC, smartphone or tablet.

Share, collaborate and exchange end-to-end encrypted documents with colleagues or external partners!

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Features and Security

file sharing

File sharing

With Cryptobox, share your end-to-end encrypted documents with colleagues or external partners. Documents are sent only to selected recipients and transferred via a secure URL.

You can define options for each transmission and entirely control them. Your IT team can define precise retention and sharing rules for all users.

secure workspace

Secure workspace

Create a secure workspace called “Workspace” and add guests or members with whom you wish to collaborate.

You also have a secure “My Documents” folder for yourself, from which you can share files externally.

Users can organize their work environment by adding tags and categorizing their workspaces.

Cryptobox also includes instant messaging capabilities to facilitate collaboration within workspaces.


Extended Collaboration

« Extended Collaboration » Package

The “Extended Collaboration” Package allows you to benefit from guest licenses and deposit box feature to collaborate effectively with external partners or clients.

Guest licenses: Users manage and set their own invitations. 
Guests will be able to create their account and access all the features with some usage restrictions.

Deposit box: Generate and share a unique deposit box link to your recipient, who does not necessarily have an account, to allow him to upload documents in 1 click, securely, without limits, directly into the Cryptobox.



Cryptobox is available on multiple devices: iOS, Android, Windows and macOS applications, and web browsers.

A synchronization client is also available for Windows and macOS, so you can choose which workspaces to synchronize locally.

access management

Access management

Each workspace owner chooses users authorized to access it, and defines their role (owner, member or reader). Apart from authorized users, no one else can access your data, not even the administrator or solution provider.

It is also possible to restrict access to workspaces to trusted devices only.

Our commitments

Total control

Control your choice of architecture (Cloud, SecNumCloud 3.2, On premise or Hybrid) and hosting provider. We offer a flexible operating model: a turnkey service from ERCOM or the services is managed by your IT teams. Cryptobox resolves shadow IT by giving you control over your company's data

Security and Privacy

Set up strong two-factor authentication for the best possible security and privacy for each user. Your data is encrypted from end to end. We use zero-knowledge cryptography and the 'Two-man-rule' to access data and ensure maximum security. Cryptobox does not store your password, but you can still recover it with the help of a trusted third party – a patented solution.


Adopt a sovereign solution Cryptobox is used by the most demanding government bodies and major international corporations. Cryptobox is qualified by ANSSI for “Restricted Distribution” use (Common Criteria EAL3+ certification and Standard Qualification)*.

*Renewal in progress

Deployment & Administration


Customized Integration

We offer customized integration to meet your specific needs. Whether it's an on-premise installation, SaaS use in the cloud and SecNumCloud, or a hybrid approach, we adapt to your preferences and security challenges. Our aim is to provide a tailor-made solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, enabling you to benefit fully from our services.


Cybels Hub DR

Hosted on the TrustNest R-Cloud, the first “Restricted Distribution”-approved cloud, Cryptobox lets you store and share “Restricted Distribution”-level documents. This service combines the Cryptobox and Citadel Team solutions on a single platform to facilitate and boost collaboration in “Restricted Distribution” mode.  Collaborate safely and securely between industrial partners and French ministries.

Discover the Cybels Hub DR service


secnumcloud deploy


SecNumCloud 3.2 Hosting

Cryptobox is available on the sovereign, secure and qualified SecNumCloud 3.2 Cloud from 3DS OUTSCALE.

Our file sharing and collaboration solution meets the security and sovereignty needs and obligations of public sector actors (public, parapublic organizations, Operators of Vital Importance (OIV) and Operators of Essential Services (OSE)) with a view to ensure the highest level of protection of their sensitive data.

management console

Management Console

The administrator has access to a management console to set Cryptobox parameters and manage users and their devices. Settings can be applied to the entire platform, to a group of users or to a specific user.

Video demonstration

Discover Cryptobox, the ANSSI*-approved collaboration and file transfer solution with end-to-end encryption. Your data is not at risk of being hacked, as it is encrypted from your device to the storage, and your password is not stored on any server!
*Renewal in progress

Customer testimonials


“With Workspace, only authorized persons can access documents, which excludes the technical environment such as the IT department. This separation safeguards the independence of H2A's work (formerly H3C company).”


“With Workspace, only authorized persons can access documents, which excludes the technical environment such as the IT department. This separation safeguards the independence of H2A's work (formerly H3C company).”