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Cyber Challenges at sea

The maritime sector faces growing challenges in cybersecurity, with an increase in cyberattacks targeting maritime infrastructures and operations. At Thales, we understand the critical importance of securing your operations at sea and protecting your sensitive data. Our expertise in maritime cybersecurity offers you cutting-edge solutions and services to prevent intrusions, detect threats, and respond swiftly to incidents.

Cybersecurity Challenges on Maritime assets at sea

On board boats, cybersecurity presents unique challenges due to the specific nature of maritime operations. One major challenge is the lack of consistent and reliable connectivity while at sea. Maritime vessels often operate in remote areas or face intermittent satellite coverage, making it difficult to maintain real-time communication and security updates. The objective is to ensure cyber security through innovative solutions that are designed to operate effectively in disconnected or low-connectivity environments.


We provide tailored cybersecurity services that factor in the limited connectivity onboard boats.

Complementary to security by design, 

our team of cybersecurity experts possesses deep knowledge and experience in maritime operations.

This is allowing us to provide actionable insights and recommendations to enhance the cybersecurity posture of your maritime organization.
  • Our consulting services begin with a thorough assessment of your existing cybersecurity infrastructure and policies, identifying potential vulnerabilities and areas for improvement. Drawing on our extensive expertise in the maritime domain, we develop customized strategies and roadmaps to mitigate risks, enhance resilience, and ensure compliance with industry regulations and best practices as NIS 2.
  • We also provide incident response planning, helping you establish robust incident response protocols and procedures. By conducting tabletop exercises and simulations, we assist in the preparation and training of your teams to effectively respond to and mitigate cyber incidents in real-world scenarios.

Similarities between Maritime and OT Cybersecurity Needs

The maritime domain and the Operational Technology (OT) domain share similarities when it comes to cybersecurity needs. 

Both domains encompass critical infrastructure and assets that are essential for maintaining operational efficiency and safety. 

Similar to OT systems, maritime systems often rely on legacy technologies and equipment that may have limited cybersecurity measures in place and are connected to the boat. These systems blend operational and information technologies, creating complex and interconnected networks that require specialized security approaches. In terms of cybersecurity solutions, both the maritime and OT domains benefit from a defense-in-depth approach, combining multiple layers of security controls to protect critical assets. These layers may include network segmentation, access controls, intrusion detection systems, and continuous monitoring. Additionally, both domains can benefit from robust threat intelligence capabilities and incident response preparedness to detect and respond to cyber incidents in a timely manner.


From ground cyber detection and response to on-board monitoring

Thales' consulting services extend beyond technology-focused solutions.

Our solutions incorporate robust technologies that allow for offline threat detection, leveraging local intelligence and analysis capabilities. 

  • By applying advanced techniques such as anomaly detection, behavior-based analysis, and intelligent rule sets, our solutions can identify and mitigate threats even in offline or low-bandwidth scenarios.
  • With limited personnel and limited access to external resources, it is crucial to have automated systems in place that can continuously monitor, detect, and respond to potential cyber threats, minimizing the reliance on human intervention. Ensuring cybersecurity on board boats involves empowering non-cyber specialists to play an active role in threat detection and incident response. Thales provides user-friendly on-board detection solutions designed to be understandable by non-technical personnel. 

Managed Detection and Response services for Maritime

Managed detection services though a global Security Operations Center (SOC) staffed by cybersecurity experts.

  • To further support on-board detection efforts, Thales can also ensure your The SOC serves as a central hub for real-time monitoring and analysis of cyber incidents across various industries, including the maritime sector. By leveraging the expertise and resources of the SOC, as well as Incident Response teams, Thales can provide timely assistance, guidance, and threat intelligence to on-board teams, enhancing their ability to detect and respond to potential cyber threats effectively.