Cryptosmart PC

Vpn solution for PC turnkey solution with government security

The ultimate solution for secure connections to and from your PCs

To meet the new challenges of mobility and remote work, ERCOM has developed Cryptosmart PC, a sovereign VPN solution to secure your remote computer connections.

Cryptosmart PC is based on the proven technological building blocks of Cryptosmart Mobile, ERCOM's long-standing solution for securing mobile communications, data and devices. This VPN solution is already used on the market to guarantee the integrity and security of data exchanged remotely by your employees.

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Feature and Security


Sovereign VPN

Cryptosmart PC provides end-to-end security for Internet browsing and connection between your PC and your IS, using a highly secure and remotely configurable VPN.

The data flow is tunneled through the VPN, regardless of network (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, 5G...) or circumstances.

Our commitments

Ease of use

Cryptosmart ensures secure easy access to your data on the move. If you are already a Cryptosmart mobile customer, our gateway and management console are compatible with Cryptosmart PC, without additional investment required. New customers benefit from a simplified installation with all essential modules. Benefit from an easy, reliable and secure connection to your information system from any location using Cryptosmart PC on Windows and Linux.


Cryptosmart PC is a French solution developed by ERCOM, a Thales subsidiary, and adopted by the highest government authorities. It offers unique, proven experience in securing internet navigation with Cryptosmart PC, approved for “Restricted Distribution” by ANSSI*. You use your own Key Management Infrastructure (KMI), ensuring a sovereign solution and security.

*Version 5.0 Renewal in progress


With Cryptosmart PC, data flows are secure from end to end. Cryptosmart PC allows no interception between your PCs and the gateway (located in your IS), based on Cryptosmart Mobile technology approved by ANSSI. Cryptosmart PC features a USB key based on the Cryptosmart CyberSIM which is EAL4+ certified, enabling double authentication to open a VPN connection in the event of your computer being stolen. Last but not least, security is transparent to the user: simply insert the USB key in which the CyberSIM is hosted, and enter your pin code.

Deployment & Administration

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Secure Element

Our information system provides a highly secure connection, with government-level security on Cryptosmart PC. ERCOM's Gateway is integrated to enhance security, while ERCOM's CyberSIM offers additional hardware protection. Encryption keys are managed by the customer/administrator, ensuring total control. For users, security is transparent: all you need is a USB key with the CyberSIM and a PIN code.


Secret Management

A single software package, CardManager, allows you to use your own cryptographic keys from your Key Management Infrastructure (KMI) in Cryptosmart Gateway and PCs.



Central to the Cryptosmart architecture, the Gateway provides an encrypted VPN connection between devices and your information system.

It enables devices to be managed remotely.

Redundancy and increased capacity are easily implemented.



In addition to the VPN, Cryptosmart PC can be installed on any PC running Windows or Linux, and allows you to manage parameters in line with your security policy (USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi...).

Fully deployable and manageable remotely, the solution offers flexibility for mobile workers.


OnPremise Architecture

The Cryptosmart on premise infrastructure ensures the solution is hosted within your information system.

You retain control over the administration of your Cryptosmart PCs and equipment.