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Your ultra-secure mobility

Cryptosmart Mobile is the only solution, developed in partnership with SAMSUNG, to secure communications, data and mobile devices, with a high level of security (“Restricted Distribution” approved by ANSSI*), on the latest generation of consumer smartphones and tablets.

With end-to-end encryption, your data is protected against the risk of intercepted communications, loss or theft of your smartphone.   

*Version 5.0 Renewal in progress

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Features and Security



Cryptosmart secures the connection of mobile devices to your IS and the Internet, using a highly secure, remotely configurable VPN.

All traffic (browsers, applications, email...) is tunneled through the VPN, at any time, on any network (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, 5G) and any circumstance.


Secure communications

With Cryptosmart, protect all your sensitive business communications within and between entities:
- End-to-end encrypted calls or encrypted calls to your IS.
- End-to-end encryption of SMS communications*

*A subscription with a mobile operator is required (SIM or eSIM card)


Local protection

Local data encryption is activated as soon as your device is powered, to protect against loss or theft. This local encryption is performed using your own cryptographic keys.

Port control (USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi...), application installation and other security policy parameters are also managed by Cryptosmart.



Fleet mode

To meet the challenges associated with agility, you can configure Cryptosmart devices in Fleet mode, so that a single device can be used by several users on the same team, enabling flexibility and availability of mobile devices for the right operational need. Fleet mode provides total, centralized control of mobile devices, limiting access to only the applications needed, while quickly handing the device over to the next user who needs it.

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Mobile desktop mode

Cryptosmart is compatible with Samsung DeX and Mirabook, so you can turn your device into a computer. By connecting the smartphone to a monitor or computer, the Samsung DeX platform starts up quickly, allowing you to work securely with your mobile device’s data. Or by using a Mirabook, your data is always safe on your Samsung device with Cryptosmart.

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Ease of use

With Cryptosmart Mobile and CyberSIM, enjoy seamless security and rapid deployment. Users rediscover the simplicity and flexibility of consumer smartphones. You can also configure devices in shared mode for occasional use by other team members, while managing features remotely through the management console.


Choose our services and benefit from the latest Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition devices: top-of-the-range capabilities, design and performance for all your employees, from managers to teams on the field, with security options to meet all requirements.


Use an independent solution that has been designed to meet the most stringent standards. Cryptosmart Mobile is used by top government bodies such as the Elysée Palace and the French Ministry of Defense, as well as major international companies and critical infrastructure organizations. In addition, it has received “Restricted Distribution” approval from ANSSI, the European Union* and NATO.*

*Version 5.0 Renewal in progress

Deployment & Administration



Cryptosmart ensures strong authentication by using an EAL4+-certified cryptographic component as the security element for key management and authentication.


Secret Management

A single software package, CardManager, to use your own cryptographic keys from your Private Key Infrastructure (PKI) in Cryptosmart terminals and gateways.



Central to the Cryptosmart architecture, the Gateway provides an encrypted VPN connection between devices and your information system.

It enables devices to be managed remotely.

Redundancy and increased capacity are easily implemented.


OnPremise Architecture

The Cryptosmart on premise infrastructure ensures the solution is hosted within your information system.

You retain control over the administration of your Cryptosmart devices and equipment.


SaaS Architecture

The Cryptosmart infrastructure is also deployed and operated in SaaS by Thales. Quickly equip your employees with turnkey Cryptosmart tablets or smartphones for easy, exclusive access to “Restricted Distribution” services, such as Cybels Hub DR.


Video demonstration

Discover Cryptosmart, the only solution, developed in partnership with SAMSUNG, to secure communications, data, mobile devices, with a high level of security (“Restricted Distribution” approved by ANSSI*), on the latest generation of consumer smartphones and tablets.
*Renewal in progress.

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The very best in security

With its high standards in mobile security, Cryptosmart Mobile achieves government-level protection with CyberSIM, which protects encryption keys. It offers 3 levels of protection: 

- Local protection with strong authentication and device encryption 
- Communication protection with end-to-end voice and SMS encryption 
- Internet protection allowing all data to transit through the secure Cryptosmart VPN

Our solution is used by the highest government authorities such as the Elysée Palace and the French Ministry of Defense, but also by large corporations and critical infrastructure organizations.

Compatible secure SAMSUNG terminals – Enterprise Edition

The Cryptosmart mobile terminal catalog offers a wide range of latest-generation smartphones and tablets. Ercom's unique partnership with Samsung guarantees the solution's compatibility on Enterprise Edition terminals ranging from the very high-end to the ruggedized.

Your devices are up-to-date and protected against mobile security threats.

For 5 years, Entreprise Edition provides you with maintenance reports and regular, consistent updates of Android and Samsung security patches.

Entreprise Edition devices are available for sale for 2 years after their worldwide launch.

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