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S21sec Report malware
11 March 2024

CryptoLove Report

S21Sec's Threat Intelligence team has investigated a campaign by the CryptoLove group detected in March. The campaign used hard-to-detect, legitimately signed loaders, avoiding detection by AV/EDR/XDR systems and allowing other types of malware to run, with the final objective of stealing cryptowallets. This is the first time this campaign and the actor behind it have been documented.

Our team has run an in-depth investigation to tailor a special report with all the details, such as who CryptoLove Group are, what tactics are they using, the behaviour of the malware, the chain infection and even the manual developed by the members of the CryptoLove team. 
Download our special report to know all about the investigation and learn how to protect yourself and your organization against this menace here.