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30 April 2024

How to secure communications with Citadel Team?

Why secure your communications?

In the current context, protecting data confidentiality has become crucial for several major reasons. 

The proliferation of personal data that organizations have to manage calls for increased vigilance. This includes sensitive information about customers, employees and partners, and unauthorized disclosure can have serious consequences. 

Data shared online, whether personal, financial or professional, is exposed to constant threats. Cyber threats are more frequent and increasingly sophisticated, using techniques such as phishing, identity theft and online fraud to gain access to confidential information. According to ANSSI, the main motivations of attackers remain financial, espionage and destabilization, accentuating the need for robust security measures. Ransomware has mainly targeted microbusinesses, SMEs, regional and local authorities and healthcare institutions. According to a study by IBM Security, the average cost of a data breach reached $4.45 million in 2023, a new record. This represents a 15.3% increase on the $3.86 million mentioned in the 2020 report.

In addition, data protection regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, have become increasingly stringent, imposing obligations on companies in terms of data security and confidentiality. Penalties for non-compliance are severe, with fines reaching several millions of dollars according to the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL). It is therefore imperative to secure communications to comply with these regulations and prevent threats.

Secure your communications with Citadel Team

Citadel Team facilitates collaboration through instant messaging via audio or videoconferencing with screen sharing in a secure environment. Security and confidentiality of communications are paramount to us, which is why Citadel Team enables you to use end-to-end encryption for your communications. Furthermore, each client organization benefits from a dedicated infrastructure operated by Thales and hosted in France, enabling rapid deployment of the solution throughout your organization. You also have total control over your user base, using various settings or the administration console, which lets you manage access to the solution or to the features you have subscribed to. 

For maximum flexibility, Citadel Team synchronizes all your conversations in real time across all devices, including iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows and browsers. 

With this solution, you can create customizable chat rooms with both internal and external collaborators, to suit your different needs. 

Citadel Team is a secure collaboration solution to facilitate communication within organizations handling sensitive data. If security is one of your key challenges, Citadel Team can be the central tool for your teams to communicate securely.

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