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ercom Cryptosmart
01 March 2023

VPN for remote work: Secure your organization’s data

Are you a CIO or an executive? Would you like to offer your employees the ability to work remotely, without disrupting your processes and while ensuring the security of all your data and tools? Ercom helps you achieve this by deploying a VPN for PC or secure phones for all your remote employees. 

Remote work and data protection: A real challenge for organizations

In France, remote work is becoming mainstream. Indeed, many workers now wish to work part of their working hours outside of the office, in order to enjoy a better balance between their professional and personal lives. As a result, offering remote work days to employees has become a major factor in attracting and retaining staff. 

However, for organizations operating in sensitive and/or highly competitive industries, remote work is often an obstacle. They see technical constraints linked to accessibility to their networks and tools, as well as risks of weakening their data protection systems. 

VPN: The solution for secure remote work

It is possible to free yourself from these two main constraints by simply opting for a professional VPN solution. A VPN (Virtual private network) ensures remote employees have access to an encrypted private network from any Internet connection: a residential Internet box, a public Wi-Fi access point, a shared 4G or 5G network... 

Once connected to their VPN, employees can work in complete confidentiality, with no risk of data loss or theft. VPN also gives them secure remote access to data and tools hosted on the organization's internal servers or in the cloud. 

This type of solution can also be deployed on smartphones to guarantee the confidentiality of telephone conversations.

With Ercom's VPN solutions for PCs and telephones, your employees can work remotely, efficiently and securely. You can provide this benefit to your organization without any risk whatsoever, with the aim of improving the comfort and productivity of your employees.