Cyber defence

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Armies are increasingly interconnected

with naval and air forces, and with allied coalition forces, and are operating with new actors on the battlefield as drones, robots, etc. 

As a result, Land Forces face a growing cyber threat and must act now to protect their systems and their data. 

Combining expertise in defence critical systems and an end-to-end cyber capability in design and integration, Thales can provide military-grade cyber solutions that are sovereign and bespoke to guarantee the resilience of defence systems and the integrity and confidentiality of data. 


From headquarters to battlefield cyber protection & detection

In a time of collaborative combat capabilities and a “cloudification of the battlefield”, each asset’s cyber vulnerability becomes everyone’s vulnerability. As a result, it is highly important to be able to gather an overall digitalised view of the battlefield, including the combatants themselves. 

In the same way that vehicles or frigates are equipped with gunshot detectors and electronic warfare sensors, the combatant could soon wear an onboard cybersecurity system that gives a real-time warning of an attack or unauthorised system entry on a simple dashboard including their organic digitally enhanced capabilities. Immediate response drills can be carried out, as timely action is key to preventing a virus from spreading into a combat system and on to a field command post or strategic HQ, putting the mission at risk


Detecting at the core of military assets

Thales’s cyber solutions provide a comprehensive overview of cyber threats in real time, together with easily actionable remediation solutions, adapted to each organisation and each level of the decision-making chain. 

Today, the effectiveness of military capabilities such as vehicles relies heavily on digital enhanced tools, which makes them more vulnerable to cyber threats. 

The timely detection, logging and reaction to cyberattacks ensures military forces trust these digital tools to conduct operations. Improving response times in the event of a cyber attack enhances overall operational effectiveness.


Network Security and Key Management Systems

Cybels Network Security including high grade, standard and cross-domain encryptors, gateways and real time gateways are accredited by national governments, NATO or Europe to protect network traffic of army infrastructures. The interoperability of technologies such as NATO/ EU encryptors or NATO/EU diodes needs to be ensured prior to the deployment to enhance collaborative combat thus integrating post-quantum encryption algorithms to withstand quantum computing power. 

On top of this infrastructure, armed forces make extensive use of cryptographic keys capitalising on Key Management Systems to ensure the security and discretion of their operational communication systems. To manage these keys efficiently, they need a highly reliable, flexible system that is compatible with the systems in service with allied forces and that can be available on board of their assets as vehicles on the field. Thales offers the Onboard Crypto Management Unit (OCMU) to securely and efficiently manage crypto keys onboard different platforms


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