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industry OT Air traffic Management
30 April 2024

White Paper Navigating the cyber security challenges in Air Traffic Management

The aim of this White Paper - the first of a series on cyber security in the ATM sector - is precisely that of encouraging all parties involved to ask the right questions. 

Indeed, cyber security has two key characteristics that anyone, in any sector, should be aware of. 

  • First, the very belief of not being likely to be a victim of a cyber-attack is exactly what can potentially turn a stakeholder into the next target. 
  • Second, cyber security in the ATM sector is very much akin to a game of chess: multiple moving parts, endless possibilities, and a perpetual need to be at least two steps ahead of the opponent. 
  • Yet being ahead of the game in a sector featuring multiple stakeholders - Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP), airlines, airport operators, Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA), drones U-Space Service Provider (USSP), to name a few - that have all started their digital transition - featuring increased connectivity - is no small feat. 

Surfaces of attack continuously increase, making it very difficult to reach a controlled-risk situation. That is why it is important to ask all the right questions from the start. From one’s own ATM systems - and all connected
systems within - and potential vulnerabilities, to the national, regional and international emerging regulatory
frameworks, it is critical for key ATM stakeholders to know what to ask, of whom, and when.From highlighting existing cyber security threats to the sector to outlining important steps toward more cyber secure ATM systems and connections, this White Paper has been designed to get you started on how to think about cyber threats and security. 

It is based on Thales’ decades of experience working with ATM stakeholders across countries and regions, as well as on the company’s recognised expertise in the cyber security domain.

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