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nis 2 directive white paper


NIS 2 European cyber regulation NIS2 directive
03 January 2024

NIS 2 Directive for Public Administration

The NIS2 Directive is a European Union directive that entered into force on 16 January 2023.

To support the implementation of the NIS2 directive, Thales has developed a series of white papers written by our cybersecurity experts. They cover Cyber Solutions by Thales that ensure the security and resilience of critical information systems and industrial infrastructures. 

Our expertise spans cyber strategies and compliance with new regulations such NIS1, DORA and PC IDSS and we assist our customers with security certifications worldwide. 

As a result, we can leverage our collaborations with governments, legal authorities and Critical National Infrastructures in various sectors, including Industry, Energy, Space, Banking, Transportation, Defence and Sovereign programmes, to better address the specific challenges brought by NIS2. 

The strong presence of our cybersecurity experts across Europe and our global portfolio of services and solutions address all the cybersecurity needs required under the fourth pillar of this new directive, from governance to protection, including cyber defence and resilience.

Download the paper here