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ercom Cryptosmart
26 February 2024

Cryptosmart, a complete and sovereign solution to protect your mobile fleet

In the space of one year, 52% of French companies have suffered at least one cyber attack. Faced with the resurgence of these threats, organizations are equipping themselves with cyber security solutions to protect their IS. Unfortunately, the security of employees' mobile devices has been neglected, while the smartphones and tablets of hybrid workers are prime targets for cybercriminals. This is why Ercom has designed Cryptosmart, a complete and sovereign solution that protects your equipment from cyber threats.


Mobile devices: several levels of threats
Hackers who target mobile devices have several attack angles, which serve different purposes.

  • Eavesdropping communications: any traffic between a device and a server or another device can potentially be intercepted. Today, most companies use encryption (voice, SMS, e-mails...) to protect their communications. But a cybercriminal can directly tap into a device's microphone and speaker to listen to voice conversations.

  • Device theft: stealing equipment is a radical way to gain access to company applications and get hold of a large amount of data. Moreover, the mobile device is often used to validate authentication to sensitive applications.

  • Exploiting poorly configured access points: public Wi-Fi is a shared communication network that does not require authentication, and is often poorly configured or protected. It is easy for hackers to gain access to devices that use these access points. On the other hand, experienced cybercriminals are able to create fake public Wi-Fi access points from scratch to capture their victims' data.

  • Zero-day vulnerabilities: these are vulnerabilities in enterprise applications (e-mail, videoconferencing, ERP, etc.) that have not yet been identified by vendors and can be exploited by cybercriminals. The risk is increased tenfold in the case of Shadow IT, when employees install applications not approved by the IT department on their devices.

Some organizations need to process “Restricted Distribution” (“Diffusion Restreinte” or DR in French) data on their mobile devices. This protection designation means the data in question must not be made public under any circumstances, but that it may still be communicated to employees in the course of their duties. Protecting their mobile fleet from all of these threats is a real challenge for organizations that handle DR data.

Cryptosmart Mobile, the ultimate solution for endpoint protection

Cryptosmart Mobile was designed by Ercom to provide the highest possible level of protection for mobile devices. To achieve this goal, the solution includes several security layers, including:

  • Strong authentication from the home screen, to validate the identity of the person who wishes to use the device.

  • End-to-end encryption of communications and data, so that all exchanges (voice, SMS, e-mail, internet, intranet) are fully protected. Approved by ANSSI, the solution includes encryption to prevent any attempt to intercept or listen to communications.

  • Control of communication protocols to protect devices from potentially dangerous Bluetooth, NFC and USB connections.

  • Complete remote wipe, to protect data in case of loss or theft of your device.

  • A VPN to secure all your connections, even in mobile situations.

  • Root prevention against attacks targeting the device's operating system.


This high level of requirement in terms of mobile security has enabled Cryptosmart Mobile to be approved at the Restricted Distribution level by ANSSI (renewal in progress). Our solution is used by the highest government authorities such as the Elysée Palace or the Ministry of the Armed Forces, but also by large corporations and Operators of Vital Importance.

To go even further, Ercom provides its customers with the latest generation of Samsung devices, secured and configured by our teams, which are also part of the Restricted Distribution approval issued by ANSSI.


Want to protect your mobile fleet against cyber threats? Our experts are available to discuss your mobile security challenges and provide you with the right solutions for your needs.