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Permanently ensure security and resilience of our customers’ critical information systems and industrial infrastructure.

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We manage the complexity of our demanding clients’ needs

As the European leader in cybersecurity and the World leader in data protection, Thales works alongside organizations to help them meet their cyber security needs, regardless of their field of activity, the level of confidentiality of their data or any country specific regulatory requirements, and to deliver cybersecurity that brings value to their core business and enables them to capture digital dividends.

Capitalising on over 40 years of cybersecurity expertise with cyber teams and infrastructure worldwide, we are here to support closely any of your cyber security needs.

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About us

Leveraging the best worldwide cyber security players and integrators

Expert in mobile cybersecurity and secure collaborative solutions

For almost 40 years, Ercom has developed a leadership position in the markets of communications, data and devices security. This position is based on complementary technological expertise in telecom/cloud infrastructure, cryptography and software and on shared values: innovation, commitment and privacy. Thanks to its adaptability and its SaaS strategy, Ercom is able to meet the needs of large companies,  SMEs or public sector, with certified security solutions.

A european leader in cybersecurity and integrator provider.

S21Sec is the European leader in cybersecurity services, with more than 500 security experts and a global MultiSOC. S21sec works with a global vision to facilitate its customers’ business transformation by managing cybersecurity risks and protecting their assets. We meet the needs of organisations by completing the phases of the NIST framework, from defining the cyber security strategy to responding to the most complex cyber security incidents.

Securing our digital future, together

Tesserent, Cyber Solutions by Thales, provides enterprise-grade, tailored cybersecurity solutions to mid sized and enterprise level organisations across all industries and all levels of government in Australia and New Zealand. Tesserent is one of Australia's largest cybersecurity company providing a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity security solutions including GRC, technical assurance, cloud and managed cybersecurity and networking.

Your first call for cyber security and privacy

With a strong presence in Belgium and Luxembourg Excellium’s experience and expertise help customers take the right decisions in developing, implementing and managing their security. Our capabilities are divided into several teams to have a complete coverage of the security posture, from the governance to the implementation and the operational, without forgetting the controls.


Best-in-class services and solutions covering a wide range of cyber security needs

Answering wordlwide regulations and cyber security needs for critical domains, Thales provide a comprehensive range of cybersecurity solutions and services that address the evolving threats faced by businesses and critical infrastructure. From risk and threat evaluation, security by design, or cyber training to advanced threat detection and response capabilities, cyber integration, secure communications or network and data protection, Thales is at the forefront of the cybersecurity industry, ensuring that customers are highly protected from the latest cyber threats.

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Bringing cybersecurity globally to critical and complex key activities

Capitalising on Thales know-how and long-term expertise in developing high-technology solutions for critical domains, Thales Cyber Solutions is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions and services across various verticals, encompassing sectors such as defense, and governments, critical production systems, space, aeronautics, ground transportation, as well as banking. Recognizing the unique challenges and requirements of each industry, we offer tailored cybersecurity solutions to protect and safeguard these vital sectors from cyber threats.

Sistemas de Produção

Production Systems

In today’s digital age, protecting your operational technology from cyber-attacks is more critical than ever before. In this domain, ensuring an overall cyber security need to take into account both Operational Technology (OT) and IT Security. Leveraging an expert competence centre worldwide, dedicated to the cyber security of critical production systems, Thales’s dedicated OT cyber Security provides a complete range of services and solutions for all your operational technology needs, consisting of four interlinked stages - Aware, Enact, Resilient, Vigilant.



Increasing vulnerabilities and threats are brought by technological innovations, new space, software defined satellites or cloud based segment. Thales leverages its dual expertise in cyber security and in manufacturing satellite systems through Thales Alenia Space to integrate cyber security across all system segments while ensuring mission continuity and system resilience in the sky.



Making the aeronautic cyberspace safe and highly available is our common objective with Airports, Airlines, Aero regulators and Governments. Our expertise in avionics, air traffic management, airports cyber security, and OT/IT or multi-cloud environments allows us to be your trusted partner for the digital journey. As a global leader in the management of air traffic, Thales offer unique dual cybersecurity and aviation expertise, including risk assessments, threat and vulnerability intelligence, regulation compliance, security audits, cyber monitoring, detection, awareness training, and incidence respons.



With the evolving connectivity, automation and digitization in the transportation industry, cybersecurity becomes an essential aspect of safety. To ensure safety, security, availability, and resilience of transportation systems in a constantly evolving cyber threat environment while adhering to international and national regulations and standards, we offer tailored services and support, end-to-end cybersecurity solutions, and transportation-specific expertise to guarantee cyber security for our clients.



In today's interconnected world, the maritime sector faces increasing cyber threats that can compromise the safety and efficiency of operations. At Thales, we understand the critical importance of protecting your maritime assets from these evolving risks. Our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions are specifically designed to address the unique challenges of the shipping industry. From advanced threat detection and incident response to secure network infrastructure, we provide the tools and expertise needed to fortify your cybersecurity defenses. Trust in our proven track record and industry experience to ensure the resilience and continuity of your maritime operations in the face of ever-present cyber threats.

Setor Financeiro


The financial services industry is undergoing a significant digital transformation driven by changing consumer habits, competition, and technological advancements. As financial institutions adopt new technologies to enhance customer experience and scalability, they face the challenges of cybersecurity threats and stricter regulations as DORA, PCIDSS or NIS. Thales provides protection as well as detection and response solutions and services to help financial service providers mitigate risks and accelerate digital transformation. Additionally, Thales offers solutions for compliance, identity and access management, secure transactions, while accompanying the banking sector to comply with regulation requirements through expert consultancy teams or supporting the detection and response to dedicated cyber threats.



At Thales, drawing on our expertise in securing the automotive sector worldwide, we work closely with our partners in the automotive industry to offer integrated cyber security solutions and services that protect vehicles against cyber attacks as well as as the associated industrial and electrical equipment.



Thales, leveraging its strong military expertise in developing defense solutions for armies worldwide, is dedicated to serving land forces and ensuring their cyber resilience. By employing advanced technologies, Thales offers cutting-edge cyber security solutions tailored to the military domain, addressing the challenges faced by modern military forces. As a trusted partner of armed forces across operational environments, Thales continually innovates to provide land forces with the operational superiority they require. This includes monitoring the cyber readiness of digitalized assets, protecting military networks and communications, and enhancing response capabilities in the face of threats or cyber-attacks. Thales’ comprehensive solutions aim to protect confidential data, ensure operational efficiency, enable reliable cyber situational awareness, and guarantee multi-sovereign and country-specific requirements while maintaining secure connectivity and interoperability across armed forces and countries.



Cyber sovereignty is crucial for nations to thrive peacefully in the face of cyber threats. It encompasses the capacity to enforce national cybersecurity measures for prevention and cyber defense capabilities for resolving attacks. Capitalising on Sorereign and multi-sovereign services and solutions, Thales permanently ensure security, performance and resilience of Governments, customers’ critical information systems and industrial infrastructure while guaranteeing their digital sovereignty in a constantly evolving cyber threat environment.



At Thales, drawing on our expertise in securing the automotive sector worldwide, we work closely with our partners in the automotive industry to offer integrated cyber security solutions and services that protect vehicles The healthcare industry has undergone a digital transformation, allowing organizations to utilize vast amounts of patient data for improved healthcare outcomes. However, this increased reliance on data has also exposed vulnerabilities, posing a threat to compliance with regulations like HIPAA and HITECH amidst a growing cyber-attack pandemic. Thales provides solutions and services to healthcare and life sciences organizations, enabling them to reduce risk, complexity, and cost while accompanying them on their cyber risk evaluation or compliance with regulations, detecting and responding to cyber threats or protecting sensitive data.industrial and electrical equipment.



The education sector is undergoing a rapid technological transformation driven with an enhanced remote learning, improved research and development, increased collaboration and a need for more cyber security courses dedicated to trainees. However, with the vast amount of sensitive data flowing through educational institutions’ systems and complex hybrid IT infrastructure, protecting this data becomes crucial. Thales offers solutions and services to simplify compliance, reduce risk and complexity, and accelerate cloud migration for educational institutions. From securing sensitive data to protecting remote worker access and implementing end-to-end security, Thales provides comprehensive security solutions and services for the education sector. A dedicated cyber training offer is also proposed to universities and education organizations worldwide.


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At Thales, recruitment in cybersecurity offers numerous career opportunities in a rapidly evolving field. We are actively seeking talented and passionate professionals who want to contribute to the protection of critical information systems.