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ercom Cryptobox
11 April 2024

How to secure collaborative work with Cryptobox?

Over the past few years, employees have had to rethink the way they work and collaborate, particularly from a distance.

Collaborative work has been at the center of this reinvention, forcing us to rethink the way we collaborate and exchange within an organization.    
This new way of thinking about collaboration is meeting with growing success: in 2022, 40% of French employees have used collaboration tools as a result. 

What are the advantages of collaborative work for your organization's productivity? How can our Cryptobox solution help you make teamwork easier and more secure?  

The benefits of collaborative work

Collaborative tools have played a decisive role and have accelerated the generalization of remote work during the pandemic and still do today. They enable employees to access their documents from any workplace and provide communication channels for exchanging remotely.        

Collaborative solutions drastically reduce the number of emails and generate considerable time savings. Files are hosted in a collaborative workspace that can be accessed by employees from any location. Whenever a document is updated by someone, it is instantly available in its latest version.          

On the other hand, collaborative tools make it possible to centralize and simplify access to information. They offer better transparency internally, while also allowing knowledge to flow seamlessly. Their workgroup features stimulate team creativity and collective intelligence.         

As a result, employee productivity soars: organizations have observed productivity increases of more than 30% with the use of collaborative tools. 


Secure collaborative work with Cryptobox

The security of collaborative tools is an essential issue in a context where data security is becoming a necessity. Organizations need to ensure both the confidentiality of exchanges and the protection of their data, without hampering operational efficiency.

In response to this need, Ercom has designed Cryptobox, a collaborative work and file transfer solution approved by ANSSI as a Restricted Distribution solution. Cryptobox offers a number of essential features for remote collaboration: file management, file sharing and editing, collaborative workspaces, personal storage space, instant messaging... all on a user-friendly and intuitive interface that is easy to learn, even for those who are not familiar with new technologies.

Secured by design, the solution offers the highest level of security. It ensures end-to-end data encryption and doesn't store user passwords... It also supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) to further strengthen security. 

Data access is controlled by users who own workspaces, so that not even administrators can view user data.      

While maintaining a high level of security, Cryptobox also lets you collaborate with external contacts and partners, via a secure sharing system and guest mode. 

Cryptobox is both a functional and secure solution, ideal for facilitating collaboration within organizations handling sensitive or restricted data.     

If security is a key factor in your organizational challenges, Cryptobox could be the central collaborative tool for your teams.