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01 February 2024

VPN for mobile phones: Mobile data protection solution

VPN for smartphones: The mobile data protection solution

Ercom, a vendor specialized in data and communications security, offers a mobile VPN solution to support organizations wanting to protect their data via. The VPN application for mobile developed by Ercom provides all of your employees with a secure phone. 


Why is it vital to secure mobile data?

As an organization, you must secure all your communication devices, especially if you operate in a sensitive and/or highly competitive industry. And for good reason: by providing your employees with mobile devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets) and enabling them to work in the field or from home while telecommuting, you multiply the number of connection points and expose your organization to increasing risks of cyber attacks and/or data loss:

  • The greater the number of mobile devices, the greater the risk of loss or theft of devices containing confidential business information.
  • It is difficult, if not impossible, to guarantee the security of all the connection points used by your employees (residential Internet connection, public Wi-Fi, 4G or 5G connection...). The risk of attack, eavesdropping and/or remote message interception via these connection points is enormous. 
  • A smartphone connected to an organization’s network or server represents a major risk of intrusion if poorly secured.


A VPN secures your organization's mobile devices and data

By implementing a VPN application for smartphones and tablets on your fleet of mobile devices, you minimize the risk of attacks, data loss and theft. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) guarantee a secure connection to the Internet by changing the device's IP address each time it is used. This way, a smartphone connecting to the Internet becomes anonymous and therefore unidentifiable. 

With a VPN for mobile phones, your employees' web browsing is protected, regardless of the connection point they use. In addition, business data stored on their smartphones can no longer be collected. 

Finally, the VPN for mobile provided by Ercom uses end-to-end encryption to secure all communications. Telephone conversations, SMS messages, instant messages and video conferences are encrypted and secure. 


With Cryptosmart Mobile, the VPN service for smartphones provided by Ercom, you not only secure your employees' professional exchanges, but also your entire organization by preventing intrusions that could occur via these mobile devices.