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31 January 2022



Interview – Serge Salvatori, Director of Acyan, shares his feedback on his use of Cryptobox in his company.

How have you heard about Ercom?

ERCOM products are known in the institutional world. It is through our contacts that we have been oriented to ERCOM.

Which factors drove your decision to choose Cryptobox?

What attracted Acyan’s employees to Cryptobox are two essential characteristics for us.

First, there is the robustness of a solution certified by independent security agencies.

Then there is the sovereignty of a solution that is 100% Made in France.

How long have you been using Cryptobox?

At Acyan we have been using Cryptobox for 4 years on daily basis already.

How do you use Cryptobox?

We use Cryptobox mainly internally to share documents between employees but also occasionally externally to exchange sensitive data with our customers.

What would you say to another company hesitating to adopt Cryptobox?

Cryptobox is a user-friendly system, the administration part is easy and sharing spaces can be created very quickly.

We also use the Citadel Team solution as a complement to benefit from a secure communication system for both calls and written exchanges.

To know more about Cryptobox click here: https://www.ercom.fr/cryptobox/

Find out here another customer feedback on the use of Cryptosmart PC https://blog.ercom.fr/teletravail-cybersecurite/

Who is Acyan?

ACYAN is a crisis management and communication consulting firm.

To learn more about Acyan, visit www.acyan.fr

Who is Ercom?

ERCOM is a French company specialised in communications and mobile device security and a subsidiary of the Thales Group, the European leader in cyber security and world leader in data protection.

ERCOM has deployed its solutions in France and abroad with major players who need scalable, reliable and highly secure tools.

To know more about Ercom, check the websitehttps://www.ercom.com/