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01 January 2022


Cryptobox is a new secure collaborative solution enabling employees to securely share information internally and externally. Provided by Ercom, a company specializing in secure communications for nearly 30 years, Cryptobox ensures businesses can exchange information confidentially using end to end encryption. Easy to use and easy to deploy, Cryptobox is available on all types of hosting environments, such as public or private clouds, or a combination of both.


Cryptobox: The convenience of a consumer solution, with added security

As Yannick Dupuch, CEO of Ercom, summarizes accurately, Cryptobox combines security and simplicity. “We designed this solution to help businesses meet the growing challenges of internal and external collaboration. As you know, Ercom, has been specializing in securing communications for over 30 years. In our product design process, security is paramount. We call this ‘Security by design’. But we also pay special attention to user experience, a critical adoption factor for our products. Just test drive Cryptobox and you will see that in addition to providing you with security that is certified by independent agencies, the solution also features a great user experience quite similar to that of consumer applications.”

How does it work?

With Cryptobox, each user defines their workspace and collaboration area! While everyone can benefit from a secure individual area to store data, sharing and collaboration take place in “workspaces” defined by users themselves. This user experience promotes faster adoption and increased productivity. In addition, a simple web connection and any browser are sufficient to access accounts instantly… Encryption and decryption occur directly on user devices (using an iOS or Android mobile app, a PC, or a web browser) to ensure the highest level of security. Good news: Cryptobox also allows you to share documents with non-registered users in Cryptobox while maintaining the same level of security.

In the cloud, on site or hybrid mode: Manage the solution as you like

With Cryptobox, you can select the architecture that best suits your needs and your IT/Security policy! Whether in the cloud, on site or in hybrid mode, Cryptobox provides the same level of performance and security. Regardless of the environment you choose, Cryptobox scales to your needs.

To each their Cryptobox

Another benefit: Account management is as simple as the rest of the solution. How? Using various user levels and associated rights, you can manage users with whom you would like to exchange information individually, so they can share, edit or only view them. You only need to choose the number of users and assign each one their appropriate rights.

Regarding pricing, Cryptobox is available on a per user monthly licensing model with volume discounts. This is a particularly cost-effective offer comparable to consumer web services.

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About Ercom

Ercom is a key French player with 30 years of combined expertise in two key areas: Telecommunication network testing and simulation, and cybersecurity. Ercom equipped the French presidential airplane with a secure phone in 2002, providing the first highly secure mobile communication solution. Launched in 2007, Cryptosmart (secure mobile communications and devices) is the first Restricted Distribution solution certified by ANSSI and ported to consumer devices to boost user adoption.